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A dedicated teacher takes students to places they’ve never been, simply by standing at the front of the classroom and leading the way.  Without opening the door to the hallway, or leaving the building, so many teachers spend their days filling young minds with the inspiration that’s the stuff of dreams for the future.

But give a teacher a chance to get those students out of the classroom and to a fascinating educational adventure in a place they’ve only seen in pictures and inspiration blooms.

Travel broadens the minds of people of all ages, but for students, it’s an even more profound experience.  They’re so young and so fresh to the world that their eyes see things differently and their minds wrap themselves around the strange and the unusual readily.  They’re elastic beings in exploration mode all the time.

Oh, to be young again!  But teachers who travel with their students get to live vicariously, seeing the world again through those fresh, inquisitive eyes.

How do teachers inspire students with travel?  With a trusted, experienced partner that specializes in creating unique opportunities for students to learn in the field.

Junior Tours

In 1967, retired teacher Marty Abrams had a vision.  He envisioned a service that could help teachers realize the dream of taking their students to historical sites, areas of keen interest for specialized curricular focuses and areas where learning comes alive in a way that makes it fun.

Today Marty’s vision lives on in Junior Tours, a family-owned and operated boutique youth travel provider.  We’re small, so you and your students will never feel like you’re just a number.  We give you our personal attention, crafting itineraries that help you meet your educational goals for students, while making you look great.

And what teacher doesn’t need that kind of support?

At Junior, we believe in doing things differently, so we give your group the support it needs to have the most incredible tour and excursion experiences possible.  That’s why teachers from all 50 states call on us to take them to where the learning happens.

Expert support

Junior Tours’ youth travel experts support you from the moment you contact us for a free sample itinerary and quotation.  We help you with every aspect of your trip, with a four-step process that’s detailed, covering all your tour needs.

Because we know you need your plan to tour reviewed by administration, we provide credentials as one of our first services to you and your group.  From there, we guide through the process in a logical sequence which includes fundraising resources that support your quest to include as many students as possible in the excursion.

We stick with you throughout the planning process, then we send you on your trip with one of our reliable, professional tour guides who’s a 24/7 resource, ensuring a smoothly realized itinerary.

Go with Junior

How do teachers inspire students with travel?  They do it by going with the best youth travel provider in the sector – Junior Tours.  Inspiration is what we do.