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Overnight educational tours for

elementary, middle & high school students

Junior Tours recognizes that travel is the foundation of a well-rounded education.

Our nation is a mosaic of diverse cultures and experiences.  Educational travel offers an amazing opportunity for students to expand their horizons through first-hand discovery.

We build relationships, at Junior Tours.  Thousands of teachers bear witness to that.  More than 90% of teachers come back to Junior Tours for educational trips and tours with their students, again and again, year after year.  That’s because they love our personalized service and the professionalism, variety and seamless execution that’s made Junior Tours the nation’s premier student travel company.

Junior Tours is a family owned and operated business, established by a teacher over 50 years ago.  Our tradition is offering students real world education that supports classroom learning, bringing it to vibrant life.

With superior knowledge and experience, we make North America’s great cities a feast for young minds.  You can count on affordable prices, easy payment plans and customized itineraries any time you travel with Junior Tours.

Educational travel dreams start right here, with destinations that fire student imaginations.

Featured Cities

New York City

One of the world’s most iconic cities, the Big Apple beckons. With the crossroads of the world, NYC offers students real life experiences of subjects as diverse as art, finance, fashion, theater, dance and music.

Washington D.C.

The engine of global power, inside the Beltway is where you’ll find the heart of US political life.  Home to the three branches of government that define our society and its relationship with the world, students will discover inspiration here for a future informed by the realities of American political life.


No city more adequately embodies the American Dream than Chicago.  Carl Sandburg characterized this metropolis as an urban embodiment of the American worker – the “city of the big shoulders”.

Known as an industrial hub, it’s also served as a fulcrum for laborers, seeking their own American dreams.  From the Magnificent Mile with its famed skyscrapers, to its celebrated son, architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s enduring legacy, Chicago offers students endless opportunities to learn.  A city of museums, public art and a rich historical legacy, this is an unforgettable city.


Could there be a more inspiring destination for students?  This is the city of theme parks, with Disney’s Magic Kingdom, the EPCOT and Universal Studios all in one destination.

As though that weren’t enough, students will also have an opportunity to encounter the American space program in this gem of a city at the Kennedy Space Center.  But with Sea World here, they’ll also want to hobnob with the marine life this exciting attraction is internationally known for.

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