Junior Tours Travel Journal

May 4, 2022


Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! This week, we want to celebrate all of YOU! The Fantastic Teachers and Educators of the World! In honor of your special week, we are…
April 20, 2022


New York City has so much to offer any school group looking for an amazing educational experience. For theater and drama students though, there is no substitute for visiting the…
March 23, 2022


Planning your next trip with Junior Tours just got a whole lot easier! We’re excited to announce that we have a new website for online registration and payments. There are…
March 17, 2022


This past week and upcoming weeks many schools are on break and out enjoying travel. During this time, Junior Tours will welcome more groups to Boston, New York City, Washington…
March 10, 2022

Vol 20: Get Protected with TripMate

As people return to travel in big numbers, it’s important to have a good understanding of how travel protection works. Junior Tours is proud to announce we have partnered with…
March 3, 2022

VOL 19: SPECIAL PROMOTION – earn extra free chaperone

Travel is back on, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!! We’re preparing for a busy spring travel season ahead.   Even better, there is tremendous pent-up demand for travel…
November 10, 2021

Vol. 18 Travel Is Back!!

All signs point to Go! The international travel ban has been lifted. The hospitality industry is anticipating a surge in demand. New antiviral drugs are on the way and there…
October 26, 2021

Vol 17: The Best Cancel/Refund Policy in the Student Travel Industry. Bar None.

We know you (or your administration) have concerns about planning a future trip.   What happens if something comes up and you can’t travel.   The Junior Tours Promise offers the most…
September 22, 2021

Vol. 16: Junior Tours Rewards & Incentives Program

With the 2021-2022 school year underway we wanted to remind everyone of the Junior Tours Rewards and Incentive program- JTRIP!  As a member of JTRIP, you have many easy ways…
June 16, 2021

Vol. 15: Thank You and Enjoy Your Summer

Hello Friends, This will be our last weekly newsletter until August. We’ll keep it brief so you can get back to enjoying the start of summer ; )   This is…
June 2, 2021

Vol 14: Curtains Up, It’s Time For Broadway!

“Curtain up! Light the lights!” “There’s no business like show business!” “Another op'nin', another show! Can you tell we’re excited for Broadway’s return in New York City?? With 41 Broadway…
May 26, 2021

Vol 13: Kickoff the summer with a free chaperone and referral points

The weather has turned warm, your Memorial Day weekend barbeque is just a few days away, and we finally have Covid under control. Who could ask for more right now!…
May 19, 2021

Vol 12: All Good Things

While we’re not quite at that champagne moment where we can celebrate victory, we sure are close! Over the course of just the last week, we passed a few major…
May 12, 2021

Vol. 11: Something to Talk About

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Teacher Appreciation Giveaway! We got an incredible response and love everyone's great taste in movies. Congratulations to our winners, Derek Phipps of…
May 5, 2021

Vol. 10: Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! This week, the JT Journal is all about YOU! The Fantastic Teachers and Educators of the World! In honor of your special week, we are…
April 28, 2021

Vol. 9: Earn An Extra Free Chaperone on Your 2022 Tour

Happy Wednesday Junior Tours Friends and Family! We have missed you and are excited to see you and your student's smiling faces again.  As a reminder, you can earn ONE…
April 21, 2021

Vol 8: Travel Scholarships, Grants and Fundraising

Greetings! As travel begins to regain momentum, many people are still recovering financially from the impacts of COVID.   We’d like to remind you of some ways you can help students…
April 14, 2021

Vol 7: JTRIP – Let Us Reward You!

We appreciate all of you that have been following along with our weekly Newsletter- The JT Journal. This week, we want to focus on our rewards program: Junior Tours Reward…
April 7, 2021

Vol. 6: Promotion: Extra Free Chaperone on Your Next Tour

Hello! Spring has arrived and now is the best time to plan ahead for next year’s trip with Junior Tours.  Why plan now you might ask?   Because we will include…
March 31, 2021

Vol. 5: Recap March 18-23 Amazing Tour of Washington D.C.

Hello Friends, Like many of you, we have missed travel too!  Last week was a special moment for us.  After nearly a year without group travel, Junior Tours hosted its…
March 24, 2021

Vol. 4: Junior Tours: A Company You Can Trust

Happy Wednesday!   Have you been keeping up with the latest from Junior Tours?  If not, click here to be brought up to date with the most recent news in travel.…
March 17, 2021

Vol. 3: Travel Insurance: Book with Confidence

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Including Travel Insurance with your tour package is the best way to give your parents and administration confidence about planning your future trip with Junior Tours. …
March 10, 2021

Vol. 2: Junior Tours Promise

Greetings!  We understand that there may be more hesitancy about setting up a student tour right now.  Parents and administrators will have questions about the money they are putting down…
March 3, 2021

Vol. 1: Intro/One Year

Welcome to our new Wednesday newsletter, the JT Journal!  We will share valuable information about planning a trip, special promotions, as well as the latest news from Junior Tours.  We’re…