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Po' Bpy sandwich from New Orleans

A Quick Guide to New Orleans Food

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A lot of people think of NOLA as a place almost entirely constructed of Mardi Gras beads and the feathers which sprout from the massive costumes of the city’s famed Mardi Gras Indians. But while Mardi Gras is a huge part of the New Orleans cultural experience, the culinary traditions of the city are one of its most vibrant attractions.

Born in the cauldron of one of the USA’s most fascinating and unique places, New Orleans food reflects centuries of cultural influences as diverse as Creole, Cajun, African-American, French, Spanish and even Irish.

In this post, we offer a quick guide to New Orleans food, in some of its most representative dishes.

Po’ Boy.

Now a staple of New Orleans’ culinary scene, this sandwich has a colorful story.  When the city’s streetcar workers went on strike in 1929, they sacrificed their paychecks to get better remuneration and working conditions.  Inventive locals banded together to feed them on the picket line and the Po’ Boy was born.

Filled with fried shrimp or meat and served on crusty baguette, be sure to ask that your Po’ Boy be “dressed”, with tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and pickles (onions, too if you like them). Get yours at Johnny’s Po’ Boys, in the French Quarter.

Red Beans and Rice.

Some refer to New Orleans as the northernmost Caribbean city and this dish would seem to prove the point.  Flavored with the pork bones from Sunday dinner, this dish is traditionally eaten on Mondays.

Every family and restaurant prepares a different version of this hearty staple of NOLA cuisine and each and every one swears theirs is the only way to cook it.  Get to know a local and wangle an invitation for Monday dinner.


Boudin is a Cajun specialty that’s not to be missed.  This delicious sausage is different from any you’ve ever eaten.  Liberally stuffed with seasoned meat and “dirty” rice (another Cajun favorite), Boudin is a staple all over southern Louisiana.

We recommend that you seek out Boudin at one of the many festivals in New Orleans.  Festival stalls in the city tend to be brimming with great chefs creating classics like this insanely tasty sausage.


Gumbo’s origins are rooted in Africa.  While those origins have taken on baggage over the centuries, the word itself is West African and means “okra” – frequently used in gumbo.

There are many varieties, but under the various rubrics, variations on the dish abound.  As with everything else in New Orleans, this fragrant dish draws on numerous cultural influences.  When you eat “filé gumbo”, you’re eating a Choctaw Native version, as the dish contains sassafras.  The roux used as a base for this stew hails from France, but NOLA’S version is distinct and worlds away from the original.

Eat it at Dooky Chase, in Uptown New Orleans.

Go with Junior Tours.

Junior Tours has been taking students on extraordinary educational adventures since 1967.

Has a quick guide to New Orleans food whet your appetite?  Contact us for a sample itinerary and quote.

young student in front of White House giving thumbs up

Ways to Make the Most of Your Junior Tours Trip

By Travel

You’ve got the approval of your Board.  Now, you’re busily planning your Junior Tours trip, with the aspiration of creating an excellent learning adventure for your students.

But with Junior, you’re never alone.  We stick with you from inception, through planning to on-the-ground tour support.  We make sure your students are having the experience of a lifetime and deriving maximum benefit.

Here are some key ways to make the most of your Junior Tours trip.

Work with us.

Whatever the focus of your trip, or your destination, Junior Tours is your window to the world.  We offer you finely-tailored itineraries which speak directly to educator objectives, while supporting learning with a sense of adventure and fun.

Because we’re not a corporation, or a subsidiary of corporation, we’re here to serve you with exceptional service that provides you with a framework.  We’re a family owned operation, staffed by student tour professionals with a thorough knowledge of all our destinations, their attractions and accommodations.

When you work with us, we provide all you need to make the most of your Junior Tours trip.

Your professional profile.

There’s a reason we’re the “go to” student tours company for teachers from all 50 states.  We strive to make educators look like the teaching pros they are, by delivering exceptional tour experiences for your students.

Teachers come back to us year after year, because they know that their professional profile is bolstered by successful, detailed tours like the ones we provide.  Teachers need all the support they can get and we know that, because we were founded by a teacher.

Use our resources.

One of the best ways to make the most of your Junior Tours trip is to take full advantage of all the online resources we offer to make your trip a resounding success.

Our resources page is where you’ll find everything you need to make your student trip a well-oiled, smoothly-realized success.  We lay out a plan for you, with step-by-step resources that guide you through the planning process, fundraising, assembling an itinerary and prepping students and chaperones.

With Junior Tours, we make student trips easier for educators, so they can enjoy doing what they do best – teaching.  Meanwhile, we ensure that your students are safe while you’re out there, with 24/7 on-tour support from our professional guides.

We’ve even got an app for sending your group reminders about crucial things to think about before leaving for their trip.  That means less stress for you and a trip that will bring your students and chaperones home, raving about the experience they’ve enjoyed with Junior Tours.

At Junior Tours, we’ve thought of virtually everything.  We’ve created a system which is coherent, thorough and easy to follow so that teachers are free to teach and enjoy the ride as much as their students.

Making student trips easy.

At Junior Tours, we’ve been making student trips easy since 1967.  We invite you to explore our website and then, to contact us for a sample itinerary and quotation.

Broadway Theatre street

Top Broadway Shows for Students in 2018 (so far)

By Travel

A trip to New York City isn’t complete without seeing a show on the Great White Way, where the lullaby of Broadway rings across the footlights to embrace delighted audiences.

2018 promises more of Broadway’s famed extravaganza of superior talent in music, dance and acting.  Here are our picks for top Broadway shows for students in 2018 (so far).  Feast your eyes on this dizzying array of spectacles to be enjoyed over the coming year, with your students in mind.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

At the top of our list is the 8th installment of the Harry Potter franchise to hit Broadway.  Now that Harry’s grown and has graduated from the famed Hogwarts, he’s working in the Ministry of Magic.

Married with three school age children, his magical past hasn’t just earned him a high-level position with the government.  It’s following him around.  His youngest, Albus, isn’t anxious to follow dad into the family vocation, but he may have to, as darkness rises around them both.

Mean Girls.

We all know at least one, so this Broadway adaptation of the popular Tina Fey film promises to entertain those of us who are sometimes the targets of girls like “the Plastics”.

Watch the Queen Bee get stung in the end, as a newcomer to the Illinois high school the story unfolds in locks horns with the meanest girls in town.  Rejoice, as nice triumphs over nasty.

The Prom.

This brand, new musical is making waves and that’s exactly what it’s about – disturbing the placid waters of a small town with small minds.

When Emma’s prom is cancelled because she wants to take her girlfriend as a date, all heck breaks loose.  News of the cancellation reaches a group of well-meaning celebrities who descend on the town, billowing clouds of justice.  Naturally, they make matters worse.  In the end, though, inclusion triumphs over ignorance, peace is restored and Emma gets her corsage.

King Kong.

From his days of clutching Fay Wray in his hairy paw while scaling the Empire State Building, this massive, wayward gorilla has been a cultural icon.

Now appearing on Broadway, the eye-popping new production features theatrical innovations as diverse as robotics, stagecraft and puppetry.  This sensitive reimagining of the epic tale so familiar to us recasts the role originally played by Fay Wray as the story’s heroine, as she strives to save a 20-story tall gorilla.


The story of Alexander Hamilton concerns an ambitious man, determined to rise to the top of a burgeoning nation’s fledgling government.  And rise he did.

As the confidant and aide of the USA’s first President, George Washington, Hamilton went on to shape the foundation for the international fortunes of our nation.  This passionate retelling of his story gives shape and texture to history, while offering exceptional performances.

Junior Tours.

Founded by teacher Marty Abrams, Junior Tours has been taking students places since 1967.  Committed to offering your students exceptional educational experiences, we tailor your tour to educator objectives.  Contact us to find out more.

famous Cuban sandwich

Essential Lunch Spots for Your Class Trip to Florida

By Travel

When you’re headed to Florida, you’re headed to a world of food influenced by a wide cross-section of people.  Cuba isn’t the only Latin American community represented here, with 20% of the population of the state speaking Spanish.

And where you find Latin Americans, you’ll find great food.

Here, there’s also a large African-American population, as well as a growing Asian contingent.  What all this means is that Florida is increasingly regarded as a destination in which you’ll find a wide range of flavors and tempting scents to satisfy any palate.

Let’s look at some essential lunch spots for your class trip to Florida, focusing on popular student destinations, Orlando and Miami.

Orlando – a cornucopia.

Orlando shows its southern flair in Dexter’s Winter Park.  At this famed lunch spot, you’ll find a Louisiana influence in the crab cakes and the Hot Mess.  Despite its name, this mess is also delicious, featuring biscuits, fried chicken, eggs and gravy.  Most entrees here clock in at about $10, so it’s budget friendly, too.

Asian food fans are devotees of the noodle soup, Ramen.  But the ramen offerings at Domu are not the kind that come out of a package, or in a styrofoam cup.  Try the Richie Rich variety, swimming in a broth which has simmered for 18 hours.

Mexico meets the American love affair with food at Hunger Street Tacos.  This incredibly affordable eatery marries the national obsession of Mexico with fillings like seared brisket.  All the traditional favorites are here too, for the taco purists in your group.

Miami – red hot eats.

With all the Latin American influence, you know the food is there and it’s found in some of its most delicious forms at La Latina.  Imminently affordable, this divine little spot features arepera and the irresistable empanada de pabillon, stuffed with black beans, cheese and beef.  Fuel up here for a day of educational exploration.

With Cubans making up more than a third of the city’s population, a visit to Miami isn’t complete without trying the food of the mysterious island nation they hail from.

Nowhere will you find better examples of the culinary treats of Cuba than at Little Havana’s Exquisito.  Try the vaca frita with the island’s traditional root vegetable, malanga.  It comes served with a delicious sauce redolent of garlic (so the entire group will be compelled to try it).

Also in Little Havana is the most renowned and venerable Cuban dining establishment in town, Versailles.  Take your group to experience the Cuban sandwich in all its mouthwatering glory, from the lunchtime take out window.  Watch your students’ faces transfigured with joy, as they tuck into a Cubano of roast pork, sweet ham and Swiss Cheese on traditional Cuban bread.

These are our essential lunch spots for your class trip to Florida.  We strongly advise that your group pack its eating pants for this educational and cultural adventure.

Junior Tours.

For 50 years, Junior Tours has been taking students on unforgettable educational excursions.  Contact us for a quote and free sample itinerary.

moon over Washington, DC

Life-Changing Travel Moments for Your Students

By Travel

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

– Mary Anne Radmacher

There is no better time to start the lifelong project of seeing the world and all its wonders than in one’s youth.  The vastness of this planet and all its marvels demands an early love affair with travel and the gifts it offers the inquisitive, adventurous mind. Life-changing travel moments for your students are a click away, when you plan your student travel experiences with Junior Tours.

Mary Anne Radmacher was changed by the light of the moon, shining on the other side of the world.  Imagine the profoundly life-changing experiences in store for your students when you take them on an educational journey with the experts at Junior.

Wherever the moon shines on knowledge, Junior is there, with life-changing travel moments for your students.

Experience the wonder.

Since 1967, Junior Tours has been creating tailored educational experiences for students.  Teachers from all 50 states come to us when they want the best in personalized logistics, itinerary planning and closely-guided tours.

Our work supports your goals as a teacher, with fully customized tours that help you hit all the high points of your destination, while your students experience the wonder.

As the moon shines on the Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC, your students stand in the shadow of American power and history.  As it gleams on the monolithic skyscrapers of New York City, your students are guided through the teeming streets of one of the most iconic cities on earth.

With Junior Tours curating the adventure, your students will encounter moments that will live in their memories for years to come.

Affordable and accessible.

Because Junior Tours was founded by a teacher, we believe that every student should have the chance to learn in the great classroom of the world.  That’s why we make our tours affordable and accessible.

No hidden charges in the fine print, either.

We also provide teachers with extensive fundraising resources that make the adventure a collaborative one, before it even begins.  Students will work together to raise needed funds so that everyone can get on board.

From accessible scholarships, to helping you set up a tour-specific website, to our exceptionally effective scratch cards, you’ll have all the support you need right at your fingertips, with Junior leading the way.

Human-scale service.

Since we started out 50 years ago, we haven’t changed our formula.  We’re not a faceless corporate subsidiary, with an automated switchboard.  When you call Junior, you’ll be warmly greeted by a living human being.

At Junior Tours, we think things like that matter.  It’s how we can offer you highly customized support.  We’re a family-owned and operated business that interacts with our customers as colleagues and friends.

With Junior Tours, life-changing moments for your students are tailored, affordable, accessible and bear the human element that makes all the difference to the quality of your tour experience.

Contact us for a free quotation and itinerary.  May the moon shine on your students’ dreams.

hand holding fork and picking food on a nice plate

Food Festivals to Consider for Your Class Trip

By Travel

Growing young people are always hungry.  While some of them are a little picky about what they eat, it’s clear that when it comes to whatever foods they find “acceptable”, they can pack it in like nobody’s business. That’s why food festivals are an essential part of any class trip.  Young minds need ample fuel while they’re out their learning, so coordinating your class trip with one of the many fascinating food festivals our nation is home to makes perfect sense.

We’ve collected these food festivals to consider for your class trip.  With a little careful planning and a lot of educator input, these are opportunities for a whole new flavor of learning.

NYC Food and Wine Festival.

Like I said, young people can be pick eaters, but there’s something for every lover of culinary delights at this high-profile food festival in the Big Apple.

Curated by Food & Wine Magazine, here’s where you’ll find some of the food world’s most celebrated chefs.  With the current focus on eating local, fresh food, students will encounter an environmental aspect to the offerings here.

As part of a trip to New York City, what could be better than sampling some of most advanced offerings from noted stars of the kitchen in one of the world’s most storied gastronomic destinations?

MTL a la Table.

One of Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities, Montreal is another food destination of note.  This year’s MTL a la Table festival, held in November, highlighted food produced in the province of Quebec.

While enjoying the city’s many attractions and the crisp fall air, you may also be experiencing the famed cranberries of la belle province, which is the world’s second largest producer of this delicious red berry.  And who knows, your students may also have a chance to eat one of Quebec’s most famous dishes:  tourtiere (a meat pie like no other you can imagine).

Chicago Food Truck Festival.

Is there anything more tantalizing than street food?  The food truck revolution has taken off all over North American and this Chicago-based festival brings you some of the genre’s superstars.  Experience one of the most vibrant cities in the USA, while nibbling your way through this festival of food on four wheels.

Eat everything from southern BBQ to steamed pork buns and organic hamburgers at this growing celebration of the food truck.  Fusing gourmet dining with on-the-move convenience, this festival will have special appeal for your students.

Trucks that food comes out of?  Awesome!

Junior Tours has been taking students on exceptional educational tours since 1967.  That’s 50 years of bringing students and teachers from all over the USA unforgettable learning experiences.

From the brass of the Big Apple, to the francophone flair of Montreal, to the city written of by Carl Sandburg so eloquently, we offer this selection of food festivals to consider for your next class trip as a little something to whet your appetite for adventure.

Ready to fuel your educational adventure with great food?  Contact us for a free quote and sample itinerary.

trip organizing items

Organize Your Next Class Trip Like a Champion

By Travel

Teachers have a lot to do.  They’re always busy, juggling multiple priorities, shepherding students and planning lessons.  We know you want to organize your next class trip like a champion.

That’s why we’ve Junior Tours here to help you amaze administrators, parents and students.  We’re the education tour planning service that makes teachers look good when it’s most important, bringing you outstanding educational excursions that open your students’ eyes to the world around them.

Overwhelmed?  Not with Junior.

Teachers don’t need to tear their hair out over class trips, with Junior.  They can organize like champions with our personalized support, logistical expertise and dedicated tour guides.

From your first call, you’ll recognize the Junior difference.  Family-owned and operated, we provide educators with fine customization that realizes their learning objectives seamlessly.  Since 1967, we’ve been planning, organizing and executing student tours down to the finest detail, like specialized workshops and Broadway shows for your visit to the Big Apple.

50 years of experience means you can relax, concentrate on what you want your class to learn and come out looking like the champion teacher you are!

How can the Board say “no”?

Walk into that meeting you usually approach with dread feeling confident when you go with Junior Tours.  Because we’ve been doing this for decades, our reputation for quality precedes us.  From all over the USA, we’re sought out as the class trip solution, because we care about our customers.

Your Board will be impressed when you present them with a Junior Tours itinerary and you tell them about all the bells and whistles that come with it.

We’ve thought of everything, from our handy and easy-to-use online planning guide, to fundraising resources other student tour services simply don’t offer.  We have your learning objectives in mind, as well as all the little details that make your class trip a success.

How can the Board say “no” to that?

Curated in-the-field learning.

Junior doesn’t just throw you on a bus with a bunch of people you don’t know.  Your group receives the individualized attention it needs to ensure your group’s ultimate comfort and security.

Your 24/7 tour guide is a professional who’s well-acquainted with all the sites of interest at your destination, ensuring your group gets optimal benefit from your trip.  We’re there with you to provide all the detailed information that makes visiting historical and educational sites enriching and memorable.

Because we’ve stuck to a formula of customized, small-scale tour operation for the past 50 years, we can bring you tailored excursions that make your class trip fascinating and fun.  We’re a boutique service that’s run by real people, for real people like you.  And like you, we care about education.

After all, we were founded by a teacher.

If you’re ready to organize your class trip like a champion, it’s time to contact us for a free quotation and itinerary.  At Junior, you drive the educational input and we provide the expertise, to give your students the very best learning excursion possible.

Let’s go!

New York City Statue of Liberty

Thoughtful Advice for Your Group’s School Trip to New York City

By Travel

A trip to New York City is an adventure for most of us.  It’s a huge city and one with a reputation for not sleeping, as well as being loud, proud and “in your face.”

But in our excitement, we sometimes make some bad moves on the packing front.  Everyone’s guilty of it.  Your students, though, especially if they’ve never packed a bag before, can put some pretty strange stuff in their bags.

Here’s some thoughtful advice for your group’s school trip to New York City we hope you’ll pass on to them.

Fashion is not the purpose.

Sure.  You may be going to 5th Avenue.  You may be checking out the Garment District.  This does not mean that fashion is the purpose of your trip.  Your students are there to learn, not parade on a catwalk.

They’ll need sensible footwear that’s going to get them around the many sites of interest they’ll be visiting, not to mention dodging through the throngs on the streets.  They will need shoes in which they can walk comfortably, for hours at a time.

New shoes are out of the question if they don’t want to be shrieking in agony, every step of the way.

The same goes for packing clothing they don’t normally wear at home.  New York City is one of the most fashionable cities on the planet.  So, if your students honestly believe that packing for fashion is going to help them “blend in,” it’s a pretty vain pursuit (unless their mom is Donna Karan, or maybe Madonna).

Shampoo is heavy.

Have you ever noticed that the heaviest items in your suitcase are toiletries?  Make it clear to your group that packing an entire bottle of shampoo is hardly necessary, especially for a brief trip.  Advise them to plan what they’re taking with them carefully and to seek out travel-sized containers for items like shampoo.

Students with only carry-on luggage need to be brought up to date on regulations concerning liquids and gels if you’re traveling by air.  There’s nothing worse than being stopped at the security gate and having to dump it all out, or leave it with the customs agent.

Weather is known to change.

We have no doubt that your tech-savvy students will be checking the weather at your destination with obsessive regularity, as they plan what to bring.  Disavow them of the idea that a 10-day forecast is written in stone.

Weather is known to change and that’s true no matter where you go.  As I write, I recall a June day in New Orleans that went from sunbathing in the courtyard to scurrying for cover, as a sudden hailstorm passed over.

Tell your charges to go prepared.  Pack something waterproof in the event of rain and something warm in the event of cold.  Weather is known to change – write that on the blackboard!

At Junior Tours, we’ve been creating superior educational tours since 1967.  We make student travel affordable and accessible.  Contact us for a quote and sample itinerary.

time to plan

Planning a Successful (and Educational) Field Trip For 2018

By Travel

Planning a successful (and educational) field trip for 2018 is all about the prep.  Having an organized, systematic plan for getting all your ducks in a row is the way to ensure that your field trip will go off without a hitch and your students will derive maximum benefit from the learning it highlights.

Here are our favorite tips for planning a successful (and educational) field trip for 2018.

Why are you going?

You’re an educator, so you know field trips are about more than getting out of the classroom for a day.  They’re about learning.  But what do you hope to achieve, in educational terms?

You need to be very clear about that, when seeking approval from your Board.  Make sure that your presentation to the Board includes concise and coherent information about your goals for students on the field trip.

Go prepared with projected learning outcomes, aligning these with the Standard Course of Study to ensure you get approval.  This is your first step and without it, you’re not going anywhere.

Prepping your students.

Your field trip is part of a curricular plan that demands students take away necessary outcomes.  Introducing the trip you’re planning as part of a classroom lesson highlights its educational purpose.

Build enthusiasm by providing photographs, videos and other materials which introduce your students to the site you’re planning to visit.  Enlist the help of students from other classes who’ve already visited the site and invite them in to speak to your class about what they learned.

Be sure to clearly delineate your expectations for student behavior.  Creating a handout which states your expectations in this regard is crucial, as there will be no excuses for forgetting key elements of your “rules of engagement”when everything’s in writing.

Develop a clear itinerary, then ask students to sign it.  This will serve as a contract between you and your group.  You agree to provide the educational content and the students agree to approach the field trip as an opportunity to learn.

Create a checklist of what students should pack.  Discuss suitable footwear and other key items students are going to need for the destination, to ensure they’re fully prepared.

Prepping everyone else.

Now that your Board has agreed to the field trip and you’re getting your students ready, attend to the nuts and bolts, like parental permission.

Your parental permission form is an ideal opportunity to generate interest from potential chaperones, so don’t forget to float the possibility when the form is sent home with students.  Invite them on board.

Once you have commitments, prepare your chaperones for the role.  A brief meeting in the runup to the trip will help you get to know them and get them ready for what you need from them while you’re out there.

Junior Tours.

Junior Tours has been making field trips easier for teachers for 50 years.  Founded by a teacher in 1967, we personalize itineraries, crafting them to your group and educator objectives.

Contact us for a free sample itinerary and quote.

5th Avenue in NYC

New York Field Trips – the Streets are Your Classroom

By Travel

In the streets of New York City, you will find the wealth of the USA.  In its neighborhoods, peopled by the descendants of those who once came to our shores in hope, to Wall Street and Madison Avenue, the streets are your classroom.

Wall Street, world epicenter of business.

Wall Street is where fortunes are made and lost.  It’s the heart of world finance and its name alone conjures images of unbridled wealth and financial power.

But students may not be aware that it all started in the shade of humble Buttonwood tree!

Educators can direct an enlightening tour which talks students through historic events like the stock market crash of 1929 (which precipitated the Great Depression) or the global economic crash of 2008.

Though peaks and valleys, Wall Street has endured and today, continues to stand as a monolithic economic force.

Madison Avenue’s Mad Men.

Advertising wasn’t always a science, relying on demographic data and focus groups.  There was a time when it was an art form.

Most richly portrayed in the television series Mad Men, the world of advertising was a ground for fertile imaginations, applied to compelling the public to buy the products of the advertising sector’s clients.  The ghost of Don Draper stalks Madison Avenue, as skyscrapers loom.

While many advertising agencies have left the traditional business cluster this famous street is known for, the industry remains and is responsible for a huge economic footprint, employing thousands.

5th Avenue – The allure of luxury.

Cutting through the island of Manhattan from Harlem to Greenwich Village, 5th Avenue is known as one of the most high-end shopping thoroughfares in the world.

Between 49th and 60th Streets, you’ll find the heart of 5th Avenue’s uber-expensive shopping, frequented by monied shopaholics from around the globe.   But it’s not just the shopping that attracts visitors.  This is home to museums, historical landmarks and luxurious apartments.  It’s like a universe unto itself.

It’s on 5th Avenue you’ll find the Empire State Building and the unusually-shaped Flatiron building, both beautiful examples of the architecture of the times in which they were built.  Also along this 6 mile-long street, you’ll be able to experience the singular beauty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the majesty of Rockefeller Center.

Discovery in the streets of Harlem.

Synonymous with the burgeoning of the Black American cultural movements of the early 20th Century, Harlem is where that renaissance happened.  Asserting itself in dance, music, literature and art, the Harlem Renaissance envelopes the visitor to this famed neighborhood.

Writer Langston Hughes and singer Bessie Smith practiced their now internationally-respected crafts here.  At the Apollo Theater, the Jackson 5 and Ella Fitzgerald once graced the stage. Harlem is home to a vibrant community which brought forth some of the USA’s most acclaimed artistic talents.

Junior Tours.

For 50 years, Junior Tours has been creating unique educational experiences for students.  We bring the streets of New York City to life, with tailored itineraries that speak to educator vision.  Contact us for a free itinerary and quote.