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Taking your class to the Big Apple doesn’t need to be a hair-raising experience.  Board-approved trips to NYC and easy to plan student tours become super simple with the experts at Junior Tours.

We’re celebrating 50 years of bringing educators easy to plan student tours this year.  Founded in 1967 by a teacher, Junior Tours brings you the best of our beloved concrete jungle, with something to engage students in every conceivable subject area.

Your Board will smile upon you.

School Boards everywhere light up like Christmas trees when teachers tell them they’re going with Junior Tours.  They know that our name means exceptional educational experiences for your students, so your trip will be Board-approved in no time flat.

Knowing you have the experts at Junior planning your tour is reassuring news for Boards who have the best interests of students and student security foremost in their minds.  When seeking approval for your school trip, you can walk into the meeting with confidence, with Junior’s half-century of experience in your presentation folder.

We’re a family owned and operated business that offers educators a customized, boutique experience.  We’re not a big, impersonal company with an automated switchboard.  We’re the real thing, with real people and personalized attention that tailors your trip to your group’s needs and interests.

We’ve shown over 500,000 students around the great cities of the USA and 9 out of 10 groups come back for more of what Junior offers.

NYC made easy.

At Junior, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of America’s most iconic city.  We know this city and its attractions inside out.  From the Art Deco glamor of the Empire State Building to the endless artistic wonders of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we make NYC easy.

In NYC, your students can be inspired to pursue careers in a wide range of sectors, from the Arts, to finance, to fashion, to media, New York City is the place where dreams are made real – and where they’re born.

With our simple planning process, we open the doors of the Big Apple to your students, even assisting you with fundraising.  Your trip begins with a request to us for a free sample itinerary and quote.  From there, we walk you through our planning process, ensuring you get precisely the trip you envision.

We help book theater tickets and workshops and even assist you to prepare your students, offering help with behavioral guidelines and packing tips.  We also offer teachers an app you can use to remind students of what they need to be doing to prepare, every step of the way.

At Junior Tours, we work to educator goals, ensuring that Board-approved trips to NYC are easy to plan.  Student Tours with Junior are a cut above, because we bring you the personal touch the big providers can’t duplicate.

Junior – the NYC insiders.

Junior is uniquely placed to show you around this incredible city, because we’re NYC insiders.  Reach out and let Junior show you around the greatest city on earth.