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Junior Tours is pleased to offer assistance in today’s challenging economic times. Our simple and effective ‘Scratch & Travel Cards’ make every trip affordable. For only $10 per card, they offer an inexpensive but fun way for your students to raise money for their own trip. Best of all, it is hassle-free for you: no orders to take and no deliveries to make!

We have three different versions available to you, depending on where your group is traveling to: New York City, Washington D.C., or a standard one for any other city we travel to. Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger version.
(These are for example only, on the actual cards the dollar amounts are covered with scratch-off material.)


Hand out a ‘Scratch & Travel Card’ to each student who brings in a first deposit and signed registration form.

The student will then ask friends, family and neighbors to scratch the card and donate the amount revealed…ranging from $.25 to $3.00.

Once all spots are scratched, the student will have raised a minimum of $150 (per card), offsetting the balance due for the tour.

To order your Scratch & Travel Cards, simply fill out the order form to the right, and we will contact you to confirm your payment info.

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 100.