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COVID-19 Policy

The well-being and safety and of all our tour participants has always been our number one priority.  With regards to COVID-19, Junior Tours has adopted the following precautions, policies and procedures:


  • The Group Leader has the sole discretion to make all decisions on behalf of the Group whether to reschedule the Tour if conditions warrant a change.  Any decision reached by the Group Leader and Junior Tours is binding on all registered tour participants.  All payments received, less non-recoverable deposits, will be applied to the new tour if the Tour is rescheduled.
  • Junior Tours highly recommends that each person purchase insurance. Every tour participant will have the option to purchase Student Deluxe CFAR Plan through Travel Insured International after the first deposit is received.
  • The Student Deluxe CFAR Plan offers a 100% refund for cancellations due to illness, injury, and other emergency reasons.  Alternatively, it offers a 75% refund for cancellations due to all non-emergency reasons.   A summary of the plan, including benefits, limitation and exclusions can be here:
  • The cost for the insurance is approximately 5% of the total tour cost. The insurance must be purchased prior to making the final trip payment.
  • Junior Tours suggests that all tour participants get tested for COVID-19 within 48 hours of departure and stay home if they test positive.

During the Trip:

  • All groups will be required to adhere to CDC or local mandates. Currently, New York City is requiring proof of vaccination for all indoor activities, including Broadway, museums and indoor dining. Updates on this policy can be found here:
    No other city has these vaccination requirements.
  • All tour participants may be asked to wear masks while visiting indoor venues. It is at the discretion of the bus company and School District as to whether masks will be in required to be worn on the bus.
  • Stay flexible. Staffing shortages and changing CDC guidelines may require changes to through-out your tour. We ask that everyone remain patient as we navigate shifting policies at various venues.

Illness while Traveling:

  • If a tour participant gets sick on tour, they will be quarantined in their hotel room and their roommates will be moved to a new room. Junior Tours will cover this cost for the duration of the scheduled tour dates.
  • Should a child become sick on tour, Junior Tours will immediately contact the child’s parents. The parents will be asked to join their child and make plans to travel home, based on CDC guidelines. Junior Tours can provide guidance to parents with coordinating the pick-up of their child, but all associated costs are the responsibility of the family.
  • Tour participants who purchased insurance may have coverage that can provide compensation and reimbursement.