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Some group leaders prefer to collect the payments from the parents themselves. 

  • Gives you more control if your students are relying heavily on fundraising.
  • Collecting a check for the first deposit holds the students more accountable to commit to the trip.
  • You can pay Junior Tours by a single check from a school/booster account or mail a batch of personal checks from the parents.

Some group leaders prefer to not handle any money and have Junior Tours collect all the payments.

  • We can setup a web portal where parents can register for the trip and make all payments directly to us.
  • Gives your parents maximum flexibility.  They can login and make regular payments or they can leave a credit card on file and select ‘Autopay’ to have installments automatically processed on due dates.
  • You can send messages to all (or part) of your group anytime through the portal.
  • You can create and manage hotel room lists, bus or flight lists, chaperone groups, etc.
  • You can sort lists based things such as whether people in your group are up to date with payments or which tour package/insurance plan they purchased.
  • You can access reports of your group’s financial summary, emergency contacts, flight manifest, medical information, etc.
  • You can use the portal as communication app while on tour.  It is mobile friendly and allows you send texts to any filtered list.
  • There is no charge to use the web portal.