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In 1967 retired school teacher, Marty Abrams, had a vision.  He wanted to create a resource for educators to ease the work of taking students on trips, tours and excursions. And Junior Tours was born.  Since then, we’ve been leading students and teachers on extraordinary educational adventures.  We create custom educational trips that perfectly fit your curriculum and budget.

Because we were founded by a teacher, we understand what teachers need.  We’re a supportive resource that makes it easy to take your students on trips that show them the world outside the classroom and a whole other side of learning – the fun side!

We’re different

Personal service is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as large corporations absorb small, independent outfits like Junior Tours.  We’re committed to being a boutique student tour operator, because we know we can provide better service and affordability to students and teachers on the move.

When you call us, you’ll be warmly greeted by a human voice, not an automated system.  We won’t define your tour dates either, like some of the big tour companies do.  You select your dates, because you’re in charge.

And  Junior’s not about to put you on a bus with a bunch of people you don’t know.  Your tour group is independent and autonomous, so you know exactly who’s on board.  And while you’re out there, you’ll have the support of one of our expert guides.  They don’t jump on and off.  They stick with you for the duration of your tour.

We’re different, because we know that teachers, parents, chaperones and students value the personalized service we’ve been providing for over 50 years.

We’re helpful throughout the process

We know you’re going to be facing administration to approve your school trip, so Junior Tours provides credentials to prove to your administrative leaders that we’re a reputable, proven operator.  That’s just part of how our tour planning process starts.

Our online planning resources include everything you need to support your plans, with fundraising resources that even show you how to set up a tour website, so you can keep everyone in the loop and build excitement, while raising funds.

We know that fidelity to the school curriculum is of paramount concern, so we work with you to create an itinerary which answers that need, while helping you stay within your budget by providing resources to make your trip more affordable.

Junior Tours thinks of everything, because we understand the unique needs of education professionals.

The right fit

Junior Tours is committed to planning custom educational trips that perfectly fit your curriculum and budget.  Giving educators the right fit is why we’re still here, 50 years after Mary Abrams first founded this company, rooted in his unique vision as a professional teacher.

Small really is beautiful, when you’re planning a learning adventure with your students.  We know that you need what you’re taking your students out there to learn to stick, so we provide custom tour solutions that answer that need.

Ready to go?  Contact us!