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There’s no place on earth like the Big Apple.  With its history as a point of entry for new Americans coming to follow their dreams of freedom, New York City’s iconic status is globally recognized.

A city of such diversity is a rare gem and New York City hits all the numbers.  Whether you students are fascinated by the live theater traditions of Broadway, or the financial intrigue of Wall Street, there is something here to capture the imagination of everyone.

The Statue of Liberty looms over the city’s harbor as a symbol of new beginnings in the sheltering arms of the USA.  The rich cultural traditions brought here from the four corners of the earth live on in the teeming boroughs of New York City.  There is no world culture that hasn’t found a home in her concrete warrens.

Workshops and more.

Budding actors, singers and musicians will find much to be inspired by in New York City.  With its enormous wealth of talented experts, students can enjoy workshops in vocal training, improvisation and musical theater.  Walking in the footsteps of performers like Debbie Allen and Chita Rivera, their dreams take shape in the hands of renowned professionals.

They can even find themselves at a Broadway show, as some of the greatest actors alive inspire them with their virtuosity.

A fashion, art and design capital.

New York City is the spiritual home of fashionistas everywhere, with 5th Avenue’s glamour beckoning.  Fashion and design enthusiasts find the best that fashion offers in the glittering shops here.  A trip to a fashion design showroom reveals the tricks of the trade to young, aspiring designers.  A visit to the garment district’s bustle promises a singular experience.

Art and design admirers are treated to one of the most famous museums in the world, at the Museum of Modern Art.  With the most acclaimed collection of modern art in existence, the MOMA has been a New York City tradition since 1929.

Students with an interest in architecture will thrill to the beauty of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Guggenheim Museum and its stunning collections of modern art.

History and Culture.

The stories of struggle and victory can practically be heard whispering in the walls at Ellis Island, where so many came to pursue a new life among us.  New York City is where many of these seekers established thriving ethnic enclaves which your students can explore with walking tours of traditional neighbourhoods like Little Italy.

The United Nations had stood as a mediating force in the world since its inception in 1945.  Its 18-acre site in Manhattan is an exercise in architectural and artistic diversity in the service of international cooperation.  It’s here that one can view the famed “Gattica” by Pablo Picasso.

A world in a city.

Your students will find a thumbnail of the world in New York City.  Its layers of history, culture, art and entertainment make it a learning environment like no another.

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