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New York, New York!  Concrete jungle where dreams come true.  For some, those dreams come true in the glare of the footlights.

Now that summer is fading, the fall season of Broadway plays is about to take hold, with all the excitement the stage is famous for.  Student class trips to New York City are a stellar opportunity for students with an interest in the arts to encounter a whole new world – the world of Broadway Theater!

An adventure waiting to happen.

Student class trips to New York offer so much to students who love adventure and learning in the field.  There’s the thrill of one of the most active, energetic cities on the planet, coupled with the excitement of encountering the many worlds encompassed by the Big Apple.

Spend the day exploring the history of New York in its diverse neighborhoods, established by the people who came to Ellis Island, full of hope, then head to Broadway to experience exceptional live theater and the gifted people who make it happen.

Every year, Broadway is graced with talent from the past and present, with old favorites joined by new entries, pumping new blood into this proving ground of stagecraft.  From Spiderman:  Turn off the Dark, to the Lion King, musicals abound, marrying music to the legendary acting talents of some of the finest actors to ever tread the boards.

Non-stop excitement.

Imagine taking your students to Wall Street, the financial powerhouse known for intrigue, sleight of hand and the pulsating, frenetic stock market.  The ghost of infamous Wall Street anti-hero Gordon Gekko joins that of Abbie Hoffman, the 1960s activist who once showered the Stock Exchange floor with dollar bills.

An evening performance of Les Miserables couldn’t be more thematically perfect to share with students the lessons of excess and misery so often linked in one of the world’s most formidable financial markets.

Something for everyone.

Whether you’re a drama teacher shepherding your students through classics like Arsenic and Old Lace, or a teacher of literature, taking them to a performance of the spring season’s latest arrival, Roald Dahl’s Mathilda, Broadway offers something for everyone, linking educator goals to the magic of live theater.

The role of theater in education goes beyond stagecraft, touching on topics as diverse as culture, society, history and politics.  Broadway provides educators with numerous opportunities to teach outside the box and give students fresh perspective on numerous subjects in the yearly curriculum.

Ready to go?

If you’re ready to take your students on the adventure of a lifetime, New York City awaits.  Broadway and beyond, this city has it all.  Its rich history and culture embrace everything from the arts as expressed in theater, to great museums like MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art).

Because you’re an educator, you relish the chance to educate outside the box, employing tools like the work of great playwrights to share another way of looking at the world.  Contact us to find out more.