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It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of Marty Abrams, the founder of Junior Tours.   Marty lived a full and meaningful life.   Starting out as a history teacher in Brooklyn in 1976, he went on to build one of the premier student travel companies on the east coast.

If knew you Marty, you probably remember his big bear hugs or bone crushing handshakes when you first met and his warm smile and deep belly laughs when you spoke.  He was a man of character- honest, hard-working and generous.  The impact of his leadership at Junior Tours cannot be understated.   Marty was not only the founder, but also our dad and he took tremendous pride watching his children carry on his business when he stopped working several years ago.

Junior Tours has always operated as a family run business.  We view our group leaders, employees and tour guides as part of our extended family.  With the loss of our beloved father, we are reminded of the lessons he taught us- be kind to others and always take care of your family first.   It is a big loss for us, but we are prepared to continue his legacy with the values he instilled in us.

Rich Abrams & Debra Lisser

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