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Every year has its favored destinations for educational high school student trips.  Depending on the subject matter your trip is geared to and what you’re hoping to accomplish educationally speaking, the world is full of learning-rich locations which can serve every imaginable educational goal.

This year, we’ve collected the 2017 top educational trips for high school students, which are emerging as the year’s hottest and most promising destinations.

New York City.

How can the city that never sleeps ever get old?  The Big Apple is a banquet of learning for curious high school students, its busy streets encompassing subjects as diverse as fashion, history, business, political science and the arts.

The endless fascination of this iconic metropolis renders endless opportunities to enhance student learning with direct experiences of the subject matter.

From the story of the huddled masses who came to Ellis Island, to the excitement of the city’s thriving fashion industry, educators will encounter a ripe field for taking students into the heart of the action, rendering enhanced learning outcomes.


One of America’s great cities, Chicago has been an industrial century since its inception.  Today, it’s home to high finance on a grand scale, offering your students a window into the world of the number crunchers.

The architectural riches of Chicago and its famed Magnificent Mile are an unforgettable experience to fire youthful imaginations with the endless potential of human creativity, ingenuity and world class engineering expertise.

Chicago is also a city of museums, offering your students learning opportunities as diverse as the Museum of Science and Industry and the Art Institute of Chicago.  Educators will be spoiled for choice in the city once called “the pulse of America”, encountering its robust, beating heart.

London, England.

One of the most vibrant cities of the Old World, London is home to an abundance of historical sites and ever-thriving financial and fashion sectors.  Famed for the beauty of its ancient monuments, students will thrill to world-renowned landmarks like London Bridge, the Tower of London and the reconstruction of the Globe Theater, famed for hosting the works of William Shakespeare while the great playwright still lived.

The grandeur of the Parliament and its iconic clock tower (affectionately known as “Big Ben”), are where the original House of Cards was set.  Political intrigue centuries old permeates the ancient walls here.

Nearby Westminster Abbey, the site of coronations and royal weddings for hundreds of years is a journey into the Gothic heart of Olde England.

These are Junior Tours’ 2017 top educational trips for high school students.  With a diversity of attractions for educators and students alike, these stand as our favorites, because of the learning diversity and excitement they offer.

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