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As an educator, you want your young charges to have the best possible experience when you take them on tour.  You’re looking for educational experiences that change student perspective and animate your goals as an educator.

But value is always a consideration.  Choosing the best tour for the dollar is about weighing your objectives and the desires of your group against value.  That can mean some tweaks that find the balance between monetary value and educational value, because both are important.

You have a budget.  It’s tight.  But there are ways and means of stretching your tour dollar, while still getting the high quality you’re looking for.

High season.  High prices.

You’ve chosen a destination, with an itinerary in mind.  You know what you want your students to take away from the tour.  But have you considered the cost-savings inherent in taking your kids on tour when everyone else isn’t doing the same thing?

Anyone who travels knows that things cost more at certain times of the year.  Determining the high season for your destination is one of the most efficient ways you can cut costs.

For example, taking your class on tour to New Orleans, LA will cost more during festival season.  During the month of May, NOLA becomes much more expensive because of events like the Jazz Festival, which is the centerpiece of the city’s season of musical events.

Waiting until the major events have passed to book your tour provides you with a wider selection at a more attractive price.  This applies to both transportation and lodging and you’ll save an enormous amount of money.

Select an experienced tour operator.

Taking your kids on an adventure becomes so much easier when you book with an experienced tour operator.  Your tour operator is a valuable partner, smoothing the way to a seamlessly realized itinerary that covers all the important points you want to share with students.

What’s more attraction, museum and concert tickets become much more affordable when they’re obtained in blocks with a tour operator like Junior Tours.

Because we’ve been around since 1967, we’ve developed key relationships with vendors in destinations all over the USA and beyond.  That means you get more bang for your buck.  And that doesn’t just apply to attractions and points of interest you’ll be needing tickets for.

Junior Tours also has excellent relationships with transportation and accommodation vendors which allow us to get you the best possible deal.

Education tour pros since 1967.

Founded by teacher Marty Abrams, Junior Tours has been bringing students in all 50 states the best in educational tours since 1967.  This year, we’re celebrating 50 years in the business of taking students on tours that honor educator vision, while providing them with the kind of excitement young people crave.

Choosing the best tour for the dollar is easier when you call on the pros at Junior Tours to support your budgetary goals.  We’ll even set you up with fundraising resources to make your tour more affordable.  Contact us to find out more.