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You’ve been thinking about how you can keep your students engaged this school year by taking them out into the wider world to enrich their classroom learning. That’s great, but where to go?  What’s within range?  No matter which state you’re located in, there are sites and points of interest which are bound to fire young imaginations and help you reach your educational goals.

This post, “Destination education: what is a must-see place in your state?” is about getting creative with your curricular imperatives and taking your students on an adventure in their own state.

Something for everyone.

In all 50 states of the Union, there’s something for everyone.  Regardless of what you’re teaching students, you’ll find a site that answers your learning objectives.

The USA is a nation rich in history, archaeological sites and museums of all kinds.  In every state, there’s a vast array of educational opportunities which fit the bill.

From New York to Orlando – fascination.

Florida is about much more than beaches and the Everglades.  In Florida, with its unique climate and location, there are opportunities to engage in numerous activities and excursions.  Orlando offers fun and learning at Disney World, where students can enjoy everything from performance opportunities to performing arts workshops.

Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Center can also be found in Orlando, offering educators a wide range of subject interest and extraordinary experiences for students.

New York City is replete with learning opportunities, from the cultural history of its vibrant ethnic neighborhoods, to the Statue of Liberty.  Experience the excitement of Wall Street, or the thrill of live theatre at the world class level in this iconic city that never sleeps.

Art students will thrill to the enormous collections on display at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).  They’ll be treated to the endless fascination of almost 200,000 pieces of art in its continually evolving repertoire.

It’s easy to find must-see places in every state, from New York City to Orlando, Florida.  In a nation of this size, with attractions that never seem to end, educators are spoiled for choice and students are treated to a smorgasbord of learning.

Junior Tours takes you there.

Since 1967, Junior Tours has been leading students on curated learning adventures which open a window to the world, illuminating classroom education with experiential adventure.

Because we’ve been student travel professionals for 50 years, we offer educators expert knowledge of attractions and sites in the USA, coupled with logistics excellence and premier service.   We know that the USA is an endless source of interest and education for students of all ages.

Whether you’re visiting Tammany Hall in New York to hear its tales of political intrigue, or the traditional, the Magnificent Mile Chicago to explore its exceptional architectural riches, Junior’s extensive educational travel expertise and knowledge of local vendors gets to the must-see places all over this great nation.

If you’re ready to take your students on an unforgettable educational adventure, contact Junior Tours for a free quote and sample itinerary.