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History is one of the greatest of all humanity’s instructors.  In its annals, one finds the full depth and breadth of the human experience and lessons left by those who walked the earth before us. That’s why Junior Tours loves organizing exciting educational travel in the best historical destinations for your students.  We’ve worked with educators all over the United States, looking for personalized, professionally-crafted educational experiences to bring their students the thrill of discovery.

In this post, we’ll talk about some of our favorite historical destinations and what your curious students can learn there.

New Orleans, LA

The Crescent City is one of the most culturally unique and vibrant cities in the USA.  Its long history has created a cauldron of cultures as disparate as Irish, African, French and Spanish Creole and Cajun.

Discovering New Orleans is like peeling back the lawyers of an onion, beneath each layer is another legend, another culinary treat, another musical genius.  And all around, history calls in locations like the Laura Plantation, offering visitors an experience of the infamous institution of slavery, once the area’s economic driver.

On historic Bourbon Street, be wrapped in the sounds of New Orleans and its Jazz traditions.  Here you’ll find the Preservation Hall, where traditional New Orleans Jazz is still played before delighted audiences.

London, England

One of the most storied cities in the world, London, England is a bustling metropolis you could spend a lifetime exploring.

Westminster Abbey’s venerable precincts is where every monarch has been crowned since the Abbey’s construction, 800 years ago.  Here you’ll see the throne of Edward the Confessor, still used in the coronation ceremonies of ascending monarchs.

The parliament buildings and Big Ben are just a stone’s throw away, rising over the Thames in internationally-recognized majesty.

A visit to London wouldn’t be the same without a stop at the reconstructed Globe Theater, where the nation’s greatest man of letters once staged his brilliant plays.  Originally constructed in 1599, some of the Bard’s greatest masterpieces were penned for this venue.

Quebec City, Canada

One of the oldest cities in North America, Quebec City offers students both a walk through early Canadian history and an encounter with French-Canadian (Quebecois) culture.

Basse-ville offers a quasi-European experience in its narrow streets and ancient houses.  The Place Royale is ringed with 17th and 18th Century homes one might see in Brussels, Belgium or Paris, France.

The Plains of Abraham offer your students the opportunity to experience the battlefield on which the fate of North America was irrevocably changed.  Host to multiple skirmishes between the French and English, this is where the Conquest of 1759 transpired.

These exciting educational destinations are just the beginning of where Junior Tours can take your student group.  Once there, we offer finely-curated itineraries to support on-tour learnings with site and museum visits.

Founded by a teacher in 1967, Junior Tours is a boutique agency offering personalized attention for your group and a tour focused on your objectives as an educator.

Ready for a historical adventure?  Contact us.