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Whether the focus of your field trip to Washington, DC is history or politics, Junior Tours brings you expert knowledge.  We make it easy for teachers to create outstanding field trips to our nation’s capital.

We pride ourselves on destination knowledge that goes beyond standard educational itineraries.  Add to that our 50 years’ experience taking students on field trips to Washington, DC and a diverse selection of other great US cities and you have a winning strategy for a seamlessly-realized field trip.

Washington, DC is the site of political intrigue and historical interest.  Here, students can stand in the shadow of Lincoln and walk in the footsteps of Barack Obama, experiencing the magisterial awe of this center of international power.

History, power and culture.

Inside the Beltway is where the most potent leadership of the 20th Century was played out, against a backdrop of American history and achievement.

Your students can stand before the Declaration of Independence, or marvel at the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, at his recently installed monument.  They can experience the endless wonders of the Smithsonian Institute Museums, or a day in the life of our nation’s governing bodies.

With a wealth of museums covering every subject from international espionage to African-American history, students will be spoiled for choice.  Junior Tours stands in the gap, helping you select the attractions which are most relevant to the subject matter your group is studying.

Washington, DC is more than an icon of power.  It’s like an open-air timeline of the USA, memorializing the grand story of this nation on every corner, in every street and in all its neighborhoods.

Washington, DC made easy.

In Washington, DC, your students can be inspired to pursue careers in a wide range of sectors, from politics, to federal government service, to the Arts, Washington, DC is a lively vocational incubator which offers your students a wealth of inspiration for the future.

With our easy planning process, we open the doors of Washington, DC to your students, even assisting you with fundraising.  Your field trip starts with your request for a free sample itinerary and quote.  From there, we guide you through the planning process, making sure you get exactly the field trip you envision.

We help book your museum and attraction tickets and even help you ready your students for the coming adventure, providing assistance with behavioral guidelines and packing advice.  We also have an app which helps you remind students about what they should be doing to prepare for their adventure.

At Junior Tours, we tailor our field trips to educator goals, ensuring that field trips to Washington, DC are easy to plan.  Student Tours with Junior exceed expectations, because we bring you the personal touch that corporate-owned, large scale tour providers don’t have.

Go with Junior.

Founded by a teacher in 1967, Junior Tours has been creating exceptional educational experiences for students for 50 years.

Go with Junior for customized field trips to Washington, DC.  We make it easy for teachers!