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Growing young people are always hungry.  While some of them are a little picky about what they eat, it’s clear that when it comes to whatever foods they find “acceptable”, they can pack it in like nobody’s business. That’s why food festivals are an essential part of any class trip.  Young minds need ample fuel while they’re out their learning, so coordinating your class trip with one of the many fascinating food festivals our nation is home to makes perfect sense.

We’ve collected these food festivals to consider for your class trip.  With a little careful planning and a lot of educator input, these are opportunities for a whole new flavor of learning.

NYC Food and Wine Festival.

Like I said, young people can be pick eaters, but there’s something for every lover of culinary delights at this high-profile food festival in the Big Apple.

Curated by Food & Wine Magazine, here’s where you’ll find some of the food world’s most celebrated chefs.  With the current focus on eating local, fresh food, students will encounter an environmental aspect to the offerings here.

As part of a trip to New York City, what could be better than sampling some of most advanced offerings from noted stars of the kitchen in one of the world’s most storied gastronomic destinations?

MTL a la Table.

One of Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities, Montreal is another food destination of note.  This year’s MTL a la Table festival, held in November, highlighted food produced in the province of Quebec.

While enjoying the city’s many attractions and the crisp fall air, you may also be experiencing the famed cranberries of la belle province, which is the world’s second largest producer of this delicious red berry.  And who knows, your students may also have a chance to eat one of Quebec’s most famous dishes:  tourtiere (a meat pie like no other you can imagine).

Chicago Food Truck Festival.

Is there anything more tantalizing than street food?  The food truck revolution has taken off all over North American and this Chicago-based festival brings you some of the genre’s superstars.  Experience one of the most vibrant cities in the USA, while nibbling your way through this festival of food on four wheels.

Eat everything from southern BBQ to steamed pork buns and organic hamburgers at this growing celebration of the food truck.  Fusing gourmet dining with on-the-move convenience, this festival will have special appeal for your students.

Trucks that food comes out of?  Awesome!

Junior Tours has been taking students on exceptional educational tours since 1967.  That’s 50 years of bringing students and teachers from all over the USA unforgettable learning experiences.

From the brass of the Big Apple, to the francophone flair of Montreal, to the city written of by Carl Sandburg so eloquently, we offer this selection of food festivals to consider for your next class trip as a little something to whet your appetite for adventure.

Ready to fuel your educational adventure with great food?  Contact us for a free quote and sample itinerary.