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At Junior Tours, we know that teachers are some of the most creative people in the world.  We were founded by a teacher in 1967.

Marty Abrams’ creativity led him to believe that teachers needed a resource like ours.  Our tour company creates exceptional educational travel experiences for students that make in-the-field learning fun, fruitful and unforgettable.

Educational tours that make history come to life mean you donning a tri-corn hat in the classroom is just the “teaser”.  When you go with Junior Tours, American history becomes a living thing, as your students explore the sites at which history was made.

It doesn’t get more live than that.

The American story.

There is no story more dramatic in the world’s history than that of the formation of the United States of America.  Forged from an Old World, the story of America is one told far and wide.  Hope, profound change and the indomitable will of a determined people is that story’s foundation.

From the Statue of Liberty’s embrace of the great, huddled masses yearning to live free, to the midnight ride of Paul Revere, our nation’s story is one of endless diversity and struggle.  Not always a pretty picture, the history of America is a living thing that must be experienced to be fully understood.

Educational tours provide your students with access to the broad sweep of the American story, placing their feet on well-trod paths that have led us, as a nation, to lead the world.

Expert knowledge.

For 50 years, Junior Tours has been sharing the American story with teachers and students from all 50 states of the union.  Over that time, we’ve developed key relationships with the highest quality accommodations vendors and transportation providers, wherever we go.

That means your tour group gets the best of everything.  Beyond that, our staff has wide-ranging knowledge of all our destinations which ensures that your group sees pivotal points of historical interest that put them in the heart of the action.

Your educational goals meet our logistical excellence and destination knowledge to make history come to life for your students.

A vision of excellence.

A half-century ago our founder had a vision of excellence.  The result is Junior Tours.  Family owned and operated, we bring educators a partnership which honors their educational vision for students, expanding on it with expert knowledge of all our destinations.

We bring you exceptional service, rooted in the personal touch.  That starts with our personalized itineraries.  At Junior, we’re not a faceless corporation.  We’re a boutique student travel company that offers premium travel experiences for students.

We make educators look as good as they are, by supporting their goals for students and making sure the tours we plan are superlative experiences, right up to the minute you touch down, safe at home.

Best of all, we’re affordable.  All we do is transparent, up front and tailored to help you meet your budget.  We even provide educators and students with fundraising supports.  Contact us to find out more.