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There are plenty of reasons to love the Big Apple.  People who live in New York City may tell you differently when they’ve been navigating the renowned fickleness of the subway, or trying to get a taxi, or dealing with the fast pace of life.  But ask the same people if they’d ever want to live anywhere else.

No way.

New York City is a smorgasbord of cultures, world class entertainment, international business, fashion and the arts (among many other things).  Let’s review some of the lesser known reasons why New York City is always a good idea.

The people.

New Yorkers have a reputation for being rude, pushy and arrogant.  Some of them may well be, but the truth is that under every prickly exterior lies a soft center.  It’s in the very brashness of the city itself that you find the heart and soul of the people who live there.  They’re survivors and warriors, living in a challenging metropolis.

And New York City is living proof that diversity is beautiful.  Its ethnic neighborhoods, while having undergone key transformations, continue to bear testament to the power of the human spirit.  And that spirit is infused into every street corner, restaurant and corner coffee shop.

A visit to New York City is a visit to the unique micro-cultures with thrive in this city and gift resident and visitor alike with unique experiences that enrich and inform.

You can visit MOMA for free.

One of the greatest museums on earth, the Museum of Modern Art is a wonder, featuring unrivalled collections of contemporary art.

Since 2013, the UNIQLO apparel brand has partnered with MOMA, creating clothing which features selected works from the museum’s collection.  In return for the right to use this imagery, UNIQLO sponsors Free Friday admission to MOMA, between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm.

With accessibility to art being one of the museum’s missions, this key partnership opens the doors of contemporary art to the city and the world.

Fancy a little cruise?

Exploring Brooklyn or Queen’s is easier when you hop aboard one of the East River ferries.  Not only is the ride inexpensive, it provides a unique view of the NYC skyline, seen from the water.

A single ride is only $4 and a day pass is $12, so you can spend your time exploring what the unique boroughs of New York City have to offer, see the skyscrapers from a different perspective and enjoy a little cruise on the East River, all at the same time!

Go with Junior Tours.

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This post shares some of the lesser known reasons why New York City is always a good idea.  But we could share about a million more.

Ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple?  Contact us for a free sample itinerary and quote.