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In the streets of New York City, you will find the wealth of the USA.  In its neighborhoods, peopled by the descendants of those who once came to our shores in hope, to Wall Street and Madison Avenue, the streets are your classroom.

Wall Street, world epicenter of business.

Wall Street is where fortunes are made and lost.  It’s the heart of world finance and its name alone conjures images of unbridled wealth and financial power.

But students may not be aware that it all started in the shade of humble Buttonwood tree!

Educators can direct an enlightening tour which talks students through historic events like the stock market crash of 1929 (which precipitated the Great Depression) or the global economic crash of 2008.

Though peaks and valleys, Wall Street has endured and today, continues to stand as a monolithic economic force.

Madison Avenue’s Mad Men.

Advertising wasn’t always a science, relying on demographic data and focus groups.  There was a time when it was an art form.

Most richly portrayed in the television series Mad Men, the world of advertising was a ground for fertile imaginations, applied to compelling the public to buy the products of the advertising sector’s clients.  The ghost of Don Draper stalks Madison Avenue, as skyscrapers loom.

While many advertising agencies have left the traditional business cluster this famous street is known for, the industry remains and is responsible for a huge economic footprint, employing thousands.

5th Avenue – The allure of luxury.

Cutting through the island of Manhattan from Harlem to Greenwich Village, 5th Avenue is known as one of the most high-end shopping thoroughfares in the world.

Between 49th and 60th Streets, you’ll find the heart of 5th Avenue’s uber-expensive shopping, frequented by monied shopaholics from around the globe.   But it’s not just the shopping that attracts visitors.  This is home to museums, historical landmarks and luxurious apartments.  It’s like a universe unto itself.

It’s on 5th Avenue you’ll find the Empire State Building and the unusually-shaped Flatiron building, both beautiful examples of the architecture of the times in which they were built.  Also along this 6 mile-long street, you’ll be able to experience the singular beauty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the majesty of Rockefeller Center.

Discovery in the streets of Harlem.

Synonymous with the burgeoning of the Black American cultural movements of the early 20th Century, Harlem is where that renaissance happened.  Asserting itself in dance, music, literature and art, the Harlem Renaissance envelopes the visitor to this famed neighborhood.

Writer Langston Hughes and singer Bessie Smith practiced their now internationally-respected crafts here.  At the Apollo Theater, the Jackson 5 and Ella Fitzgerald once graced the stage. Harlem is home to a vibrant community which brought forth some of the USA’s most acclaimed artistic talents.

Junior Tours.

For 50 years, Junior Tours has been creating unique educational experiences for students.  We bring the streets of New York City to life, with tailored itineraries that speak to educator vision.  Contact us for a free itinerary and quote.