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Teachers have a lot to do.  They’re always busy, juggling multiple priorities, shepherding students and planning lessons.  We know you want to organize your next class trip like a champion.

That’s why we’ve Junior Tours here to help you amaze administrators, parents and students.  We’re the education tour planning service that makes teachers look good when it’s most important, bringing you outstanding educational excursions that open your students’ eyes to the world around them.

Overwhelmed?  Not with Junior.

Teachers don’t need to tear their hair out over class trips, with Junior.  They can organize like champions with our personalized support, logistical expertise and dedicated tour guides.

From your first call, you’ll recognize the Junior difference.  Family-owned and operated, we provide educators with fine customization that realizes their learning objectives seamlessly.  Since 1967, we’ve been planning, organizing and executing student tours down to the finest detail, like specialized workshops and Broadway shows for your visit to the Big Apple.

50 years of experience means you can relax, concentrate on what you want your class to learn and come out looking like the champion teacher you are!

How can the Board say “no”?

Walk into that meeting you usually approach with dread feeling confident when you go with Junior Tours.  Because we’ve been doing this for decades, our reputation for quality precedes us.  From all over the USA, we’re sought out as the class trip solution, because we care about our customers.

Your Board will be impressed when you present them with a Junior Tours itinerary and you tell them about all the bells and whistles that come with it.

We’ve thought of everything, from our handy and easy-to-use online planning guide, to fundraising resources other student tour services simply don’t offer.  We have your learning objectives in mind, as well as all the little details that make your class trip a success.

How can the Board say “no” to that?

Curated in-the-field learning.

Junior doesn’t just throw you on a bus with a bunch of people you don’t know.  Your group receives the individualized attention it needs to ensure your group’s ultimate comfort and security.

Your 24/7 tour guide is a professional who’s well-acquainted with all the sites of interest at your destination, ensuring your group gets optimal benefit from your trip.  We’re there with you to provide all the detailed information that makes visiting historical and educational sites enriching and memorable.

Because we’ve stuck to a formula of customized, small-scale tour operation for the past 50 years, we can bring you tailored excursions that make your class trip fascinating and fun.  We’re a boutique service that’s run by real people, for real people like you.  And like you, we care about education.

After all, we were founded by a teacher.

If you’re ready to organize your class trip like a champion, it’s time to contact us for a free quotation and itinerary.  At Junior, you drive the educational input and we provide the expertise, to give your students the very best learning excursion possible.

Let’s go!