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They’ve worked hard and now, the moment has come.  They’ve been dreaming of it and achieving great things along the way, since the moment they walked through the front doors of the high school you teach at. Graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a portal to the world beyond childhood.  This is the jumping off point to adulthood and a world of responsibility.

Why not celebrate graduation with sensational senior class trips?  When you go with Junior, you go with a professional student tour company with more than 50 years’ experience taking your students where they most desire to go.

The Junior edge

A Junior Tours educational experience can be anything from an overseas adventure, to on-site guided tours in a destination rich in educational interest.  Our tours are tailored to educator vision and personalized to your group, so you get the tour you want to share with your students, every time.

While you prepare your students for the experience they’re about to enjoy, we set you up with hotel accommodations with reputable vendors and organize meals your students will love.  We also organize transportation (air and ground).  We curate every detail of your trip, ensuring that curricular imperatives are met in an exciting way.

When you go with Junior, you go with a boutique operator that works with you on an individual basis.  We’ll even send you with a tour guide to ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch and that educators enjoy it as much as their students do.

With Junior Tours, you’ll know that you’re going with an operator that was founded by a teacher, so we know what teachers need to mount an excellent tour experience.

Itinerary planning

Educators come to us for our intimate knowledge of destinations.  Our professional planners know all our destinations inside out, giving educators expert input on sights to take in and learning opportunities.

Our people have the skinny on everything from museums to galleries to historical sites and special events.  We can finely curate every aspect of your educational tour to make it the best it can be.

It all starts with educator vision.  From there, Junior takes the wheel and helps you build a unique itinerary your students will never forget.  We specialize in educational tours for students, so we know how to make your vision come to life, with expertise that makes your tour one-of-a-kind.

Every step of the way, we consult with you to ensure our concept matches your vision.  We also work with you to stay within the tour’s budget, assisting you with online fundraising resources that ease the financial burden.

Leave the details to Junior

With Junior Tours, it’s fun to celebrate graduation with sensational senior class trips, because we handle all the details, from room assignments to packing ideas to security considerations.  We get you there, then we stick with you to smooth the journey and make it truly enjoyable – for teachers too!

Graduation demands a special celebration.  Make it truly sensational, with Junior Tours.

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