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In 1967, former teacher Marty Abrams had a vision, so he created a student tour company to provide a new dimension in educational student travel experiences. Today, Marty’s vision is Junior Tours.  We raise the bar on student travel and keep the cost low, so all kinds of students can enjoy premium student travel which illuminates and inspires.

Educators from all over the USA return year after year to Junior Tours to give their students something special – fully customized tours that take them on educational adventures into the heart of America and beyond.

Proudly family-owned.

Junior Tours is proud to be a family-owned company.  Run by tour professionals, you’ll feel like part of the family from your first call, answered by a living, breathing person and not an automated system.

All our tours are private.  Your group won’t find you traveling with people you don’t know, as you might with some of the chain tour companies.  We know that’s important to your student travel group, so we offer you individualized attention and a fully customized experience.

You choose your dates.  Your itinerary is crafted from specific learning goals and the group’s interest.  At Junior we make education fun, ensuring that everyone gets a little of what they’re craving while you’re out on the road.

You’re never alone with Junior.

With Junior Tours, your group gets 24/7 attention from one of our professional Tour Guides.  They don’t just jump on and jump off.  They’re with you all the way, making sure you get the most from your trip and all the attractions and sites you’re visiting.

All our tour planners and guides have extensive knowledge of the destinations they accompany you to.  That means you get an insider’s eye view that’s detailed and insightful.

No fine print.

Junior Tours offers you a straightforward planning and costing process that doesn’t hide line items in the fine print.  We lay it all out for you in simple terms that gives you a forthright, transparent pricing overview.

We have a payment plan that’s realistic and modest, allowing students to pay in installments, as your fundraising machine ramps up in anticipation of your trip.

With affordable pricing that’s within everyone’s reach, Junior Tours also offers you a range of fundraising supports to ensure that everyone interested in coming on your trip can.  Our resources even show you how to set up a website for your trip to keep students in the loop.

The Junior Tours edge.

As a boutique student travel company, we bring your student trip the very best in personalized planning and on-tour support.  With Junior Tours, your students enjoy an unforgettable experience of your educational theme.

From the arts to history, to high finance and fashion, we offer itineraries that place your students at the heart of the chosen subject.  Inspiration abounds, as your students experience a taste of sectors in which they may one day find their life’s vocations.

Contact us to request a free quote and sample itinerary.