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Curious young minds demand creative efforts by teachers.  It’s no secret.  That’s why taking the classroom outside this fall is the perfect way to underline what they’re learning with what they crave – direct experience.

It’s one thing to look at a picture of a tree in a book, or to read about the great deeds of historical figures.  But taking students to see the tree in all its fall glory, or to the site at which history was made is a much richer experience, for obvious reasons.

Fall is a great time to take your kids into the world they’re learning about.  With the leaves changing color and the crisp, clean fall air, your students will be given the opportunity to see learning in a whole new light.

Student engagement.

The classroom can be a place where students occasionally glaze over. Whether low blood sugar, youthful angst, or boredom (or all the above) are the root of their disengagement, it’s clear that shaking things up is a great way to restore their interest.

Taking them outside into the field is one of the most effective ways to break through the cobwebs.  Show them what they’re learning about in the classroom.  Let them experience the subject matter as a reality to which they have access.  That’s an empowering moment for young minds and one that will help them stick to the program, once back in the classroom.

Exploration and creativity.

While the classroom is a necessary developmental tool, teaching students discipline, time-keeping and accountability, punctuating classroom time with experiential learning makes it richer and instills the value of exploration and creativity.

Imagine taking students to a historic site and having them act out the roles of the history makers they’ve been reading about.  Or have them draw what they’re seeing outside as part of a larger classroom project.  The opportunities to gift your students with the ability to explore and create is limitless when you take the classroom outside this fall.

The real thing.

Learning from books is largely an abstraction.  It’s the difference between leafing through old copies of National Geographic and going on safari.  No comparison!

Treating your students to an encounter with the real thing is experiential and visceral.  When what they’ve been learning about in the classroom is suddenly presented to them in its real-world format, it becomes more relevant and resonant.

The reality of learning and its purpose is underlined when students are taken out into the world to explore and experience the subjects they’re studying.

Go with Junior.

Junior Tours has been creating memorable educational experience for students since 1967.  For 50 years, we’ve been working with educators from all 50 states to build customized itineraries that make learning exciting.

Take the classroom outside this fall with Junior.  Founded by a teacher, we create learning experiences which honor educator goals and teach students that the world is their oyster.

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