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As travel begins to regain momentum, many people are still recovering financially from the impacts of COVID.   We’d like to remind you of some ways you can help students afford to travel who otherwise may have difficulties.

For decades, Junior Tours has been an active member of the Student Youth Travel Association and its philanthropic sister organization, the SYTA Youth Foundation.  SYF’s mission is to enrich lives by providing grants and scholarships to students in need so they can participate in amazing travel experiences.

The two biggest programs that SYF sponsors are:

  • Road Scholarship: Educators can submit an application for any student who is need. Around 100 grants of up to $1,000 each are awarded annually based on the following criteria: need, student achievement, initiative, service/community citizenship and connection to area of interest.  Click Here to learn more.
  • World is A Classroom Essay Contest: Students can write a personal essay describing how travel has impacted their life. Awards up to $1,500 are given to the top 5 essays as judged by a panel of volunteers.

In addition to the grants and scholarships offered by SYF, did you know that Junior Tours can give your students FREE scratch cards to help fundraise?   After sending in your first deposit, we can send you scratch cards upon request so your students can offset their final balance through easy to collect donations.  Each card is worth approximately $200 if each box is scratched and collected.  Click Here to learn more.

While we are talking about free things, we want to remind you that we are currently running a promotion offering one additional free chaperone on your next tour.  To be eligible, you simply have to book a tour by June 15th and make the first deposit by October 1st.    It’s that easy.  Request a quote today to get started.

Have a great week!

Your Friends at Junior Tours