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Money is tight for a lot of school districts, nowadays, so educators are called upon to be even more creative than usual when mulling over fundraising ideas for school trips.

Even a day trip needs funding to pay for transportation, but if you’re going overnight, you may need a little extra fiscal padding to pull it all off.  That’s where your bright fundraising ideas make all the difference.

Let’s review some great fundraising ideas for school trips, in the interest of getting your students out in the field, with the funds needed to make it a success.


Face-to-face fundraising can be highly effective.  Your job is to understand whether your fundraising efforts are coming at a time when parents and other parties you’re seeking funds from aren’t feeling tapped out by other appeals.

And that’s all in the communication and planning.  Knowing what other teachers have planned in terms of raising funds for their school trips is where to start.  Try to find the most opportune moment to send your kids out with whatever item they’ll be selling to fund the trip.

Door-to-door fundraising, while sometimes very effective is being increasingly discouraged, due to security issues.  Much more reliable is setting up a table in a mall, at the entrance of a major shopping outlet, or even on a busy street corner.  Approach your target location to get permission first.


All over the world, people are taking to the internet to raise money for civic, personal and creative projects.  Your class can do the same to fund your school trip.

FundRazr is a highly reputable online crowdfunding portal where your students can know the thrill of raising money for a group activity.

Raising money for your school trip this way also offers students valuable administrative learning, teaches them the power of community and the value of collaboration to achieve a common goal.

SYTA Youth Foundation Road Scholarship.

Every year, this worthy organization funds students for school trips.  Hundreds of children who wouldn’t otherwise be financially able to participate in school trips are given the chance they deserve to join their fellows on a learning experience.

SYA will fund students in varying amounts, up to a limit of $1,000 per student.  Students may apply during two defined application periods:  from February 01 – March 15 and from September 01 – October 15.

As the group leader, you fill out applications on behalf of your students.

Scratch cards.

Junior Tours loves making student travel more affordable with these hassle-free fundraising aids.  Students purchase the cards.  Donors are then invited to scratch off a box and donate the amount revealed.  The return per card is $150, against the $10 per card purchase price.

There’s no ordering or delivery, so these cards are a great way for students to easily raise the funds required for your school trip.

These fundraising ideas for school trips are offered to make student travel more widely accessible and to support your own bright ideas.

Ready to go?  Contact Junior Tours for a free sample itinerary and quote.